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Hector moran hec harley

Harley Quinn, this one was painted on a 3D base render. It's based on a classic Harley pin up by Bruce Timm.

Hector moran hec superman


Hector moran hec magnetocover01

Magneto. This was done for comic con challenge on a while back.

Hector moran hec magnetosheet final
Hector moran hec spidey


Hector moran hec spidey black
Hector moran hec spidey1

Another stylized Spidey

Hector moran hec venom


I've been a comics nerd since I was a kid. Grew up with a lot of Marvel and DC like many out there. I've had my favorites throughout the years and many artists from both of the big two publishers have been a great influence in my work. These are only a few examples, some are a bit old. These days I do a lot of 3D sculpting, so my 2D skills have fallen behind, but I still like to do this kind of pieces now and then to take a break from 3D.

January 30, 2017