Hector moran hec release notes cover fade logod
Hector moran hec 2a56d943c4d037f7d31f61d2a4cb937054551004c2d3b922bf pimgpsh fullsize distr
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Hector moran hec valkirie face 01

Final sculpt in Zbrush

Hector moran hec mediumshots
Hector moran hec full bodyshots
Hector moran hec full bodyshots back
Hector moran hec valkirieface 03

WIP Zbrush shots

Hector moran hec valkirie 04
Hector moran hec valkirie substance wip 01

Early Textures in substance

Call of the Valkyries - cinematic trailer

Cinematic and game character I worked on for Sunfox games. I made the high res mesh, animation mesh, displacement maps and basic textures in substance.
Character Design by Pavel Guzenko
Final Textures, hair and shaders by Robert Mastny
Rigging and animation by Matthew Smart
Trailer and game developed by the team at Sunfox. It was a lot of fun.

August 14, 2018