Hector moran hec hw groupshot

Marketing render of the original starting cast of characters. I designed and textured most of these characters in collaboration with the team at Streamline.

Hector moran hec 2dsls 09

Marketing poster I painted for early campaigning of the game.

Hector moran hec arielamarketingshot

Marketing render of Ariela

Hector moran hec 2dsls 05

Ariela character concept

Hector moran hec 2dsls 10

Ariela splash art concept

Hector moran hec hoopworldpage

Asorted character designs

Hector moran hec hoopworld misc

Prop and power-up designs

Hector moran hec 2dsls 08

Animal concepts

This was one of the first video games I worked on and the first one where I had the role of Lead Artist. I designed most of the starting set of characters and co-supervised their production. In collaboration with Streamline's Art Director we designed and implemented the art style of the game and its execution. It was a very fun project for me in which I learned a lot.

January 16, 2017