Skull for reference - 3D Asset

Hector moran skull renders 3

Keyshot render

Sketchfab version

Hector moran skull renders 1
Hector moran skull renders 2

Keyshot render

Hector moran hec skullstudysteps

This is the process I used for sculpting the skull. I learned this approach from Kris Costa during an online course.

Hector moran hec skullstudyrefs

This is the refs collection I used. Images from, medical websites, and one digital skull from an artist that I unfortunately can't find anymore and would like to credit for the image here.

Hector moran skullscreenshots

Zbrush shots

Human skull for study and reference. Available for purchase and download to study and for print. Some anatomical liberties were taken for printability and simplification.

March 29, 2016