Mega Man = Mega Fun

Work In Progress / 07 September 2020

Some new minis for a Mega Man project.  These will be compatible in scale with the SF minis from a couple years ago.  I just had to dust off and re-pose my old model of Rock, I gave Roll a new outfit and made the new base models for Bass and Protoman by tweaking and building the new parts for them.  I love that I'm given a lot of freedom with these projects, at least on the initial stages until Capcom gets their say, lol.  Still, it was my idea to put Mega Man and Rush on one base, then it just made sense to give Roll a sidekick with Beat... the rest just fell into place with Bass and Treble.  I didn't even remember that Protoman had Tango, but here they are.  Love these characters! :)