Ghostbusters/Men In Black - WIP minis

General / 26 mars 2019

Last year (2018) I backed a kickstarter for one of Derek Laufman's art books, eventually I got my copy and really loved it... around end of the year I got an email asking if I'd like to be part of a board game involving both Ghostbusters and Men In Black.  Like many people, especially 80s and 90s kids, I'm a fan of both movies and the IPs in general.  I was pretty much ready to say yes, but then on top of that they showed me the character designs for the project and I immediately recognized they were Derek's designs.  I was pretty happy to see that, so double yes!

I'm doing all the player figures for this game.  These are some of the core figures, and there's even more surprises coming later when the kickstarter is unveiled.  Derek's interpretations of the heroes and his designs for the enemies are great.  I'm having a blast with this project. :)

The Ghostbusters gang:


The MIB gang:

A few of the bad guys:

Not only am I having a blast sculpting these, I'm actually really looking forward to playing this with friends.  Really looking forward to that.

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game WIPs - Wave 4

General / 31 mai 2018

And still at it!

This is the most ambitious thing I've ever done in terms of accepting and taking on a gig.  I don't know for sure, but I've never seen one single sculptor take on a 30some set of miniatures for one single board game.  Maybe someone's done that many or more figures for one project, but for sure this is the first time pre-painted minis of this scale are being attempted.  It's exiting and nerve wracking.

How do you eat an elephant?  one bite at a time, right?  I'm eating the elephant of this whole cast of characters one bite at a time.  I'm still having a blast and I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, only a few more left to start from base mesh, and after that it's a period of polishing, Capcom approvals, and final prep for print.  

Rashid was a bit tricky, he has one of the more complex outfits, and for the longest time his pose was looking very boring.  I think it's working now, but once I added his wind tornado it became a surfer pose that began to click.  His airplane stage from SF 5 was really fun to incorporate into his base.

Makoto was nice and easy... I converted her base body starting from Sakura.  I repurposed Ken's Gi and added long sleeves to it, the rest was about getting the pose from one of her sprites and I took the idea of her wind effect from one of Rashid's attacks.  The zen garden for her base was also fairly easy to incorporate, pretty happy with her overall.

Karin was also relatively easy.  I took Sakura's base body for her too.  Adjusted some of her school uniform parts and I only needed to make a few new pieces.  The base was easy enough too and I incorporated what I think is her family crest to her base, Capcom will let us know if that's wrong I guess.  

Necalli is one of my favs, one because he's Messican like me, but also because he's just cool looking and fun to play in the game.  I incorporated a variant of the Aztec sun to his base, partly based on his stone form from the game.  It's also a risk that Capcom might not like that for the base, but worth a shot.

Viper still needs work, but she's about 60% f the way to where she needs to go, the pose still needs to get pushed further.

Ryu is coming along, but his pose also needs to look a bit more intense.  He'll crouch down a bit more and flex a bit harder.

Violent Ken is coming along, hope they let us use that Shadaloo logo on his back.

Gouken is coming along, needs more work on the pose and there's almost no sculpting done on his clothing, but he's on track.

Only about 4-5 left for the whole set to start and then it's all polishing, final touches, approvals and print prep...  wish us luck!

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game WIPs - Wave 3

General / 04 mai 2018

Today is the last day of the campaign.  It's been quite the roller coaster ride.

Still working like a dawg and lovin' it.  So much more to do still and look forward to.  Some of these are really challenging my composition, anatomy and working speed.

Ibuki has been tons of fun.  Still got a bit of final detailing and cleanup on her.

Q is based on an awesome drawing by Artgerm.

Fei Long, based on his ultra finisher, and a few pics of the famous Bruce Lee.

T. Hawk.  Dude is massive and he's gonna be a massive figure too.  Some detailing and cleanup left on him.

Dee Jay, based on a drawing by Genzoman.  Lots of cleanup left on this one still.

Juri.  Still bugging me how she looks awkward from some angles so I'll keep tweaking her.

Mika is so fun.  Some cleanup left on her too, but she's on track. 

And there's still more to come... the roster is at around 34 characters and might grow by a few depending on how the rest of the day goes. :)

 Here's a quick collage of all the figures we got so far, and that's not even all of them.  So this isn't even our final form! :D

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game WIPs - Wave 2

General / 20 avril 2018

Hi again,

I've been working pretty hard on more of these while the Kickstarter campaign is going.
Some of these are wide open for feedback and crits since I'm trying to make these as good as possible, so feel free to tear me a new one when it comes to the ones that look more iffy at the moment.
Sakura I'm actually fairly happy with, I'll just do minor polishing on her and her backpack, nothing major.

Cammy, my favorite character and main when playing the game.  Still tweaking things on her like the anatomy, her leotartd, and the blue paint swirl needs some work.  Will also mess some more with the impact effect.

  Balrog is still unpolished, he still needs his Vegas floor base and lots of refinement on the clothes.  I'll try to punch up the pose some more too.

Blanka has given me a bit of trouble, I'm currently trying to re-pose his arms and I'm re-doing the lightning bolts based on feedback from my friend Heri Irawan. :)

Same with Dhalsim, pose is ok, but it needs cleanup and polish, along with some symmetry breakage and I'm re-doing the energy bits on him.

Guile gave me some trouble, but I think both my client and I are pretty ok with him now.

Happy with Honda, but might bulk him up some more if I get a chance.

Dan I'm also happy with, he was very fun to work on.

I'm still working on a bunch of these and having the time of my life.  Best project I've ever worked on and I'm doing all I can to make these good.  Hope you like them too. :)

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game WIPs

General / 12 mars 2018

I've been working since last year on this project and recently finished the semi-final drafts of the first 8 characters.  I'm a long time fan of Street Fighter and Capcom, so it's been very enjoyable to work on this project.  It's also pushed and challenged me on improving my composition and anatomy skills.

Akuma was one of the first I worked on and by the time I finished the other figures I ended up having to come back to him to improve him some more in order to match the level of detail and style that the others ended up with.

Ryu was one of the first I completed with the intention of figuring out the quality bar.  I tried to make his fireball differ from Akuma's while still looking like a similar effect.  I also tried the ink effect based on Street Fighter 4's effect and on a similar effect used on a couple of statues out there.

Ken was requested in a classic Shoryuken pose.  This is a pretty common and obvious pose for him, but I tried to bring something extra to it by making rising fire spirals based on his super move from games like Marvel vs Capcom where the effects are very amped up.

The pose for Chun Li is based directly on the box art for the game.  I added some smoke and wind effects to hold her in the air, these are similar to the effects in an existing statue.  It's tricky to create something new or too new with the licensor and briefing constraints.  Hopefully I made something classic yet unique enough with her.

Zangief has been kinda tricky, but also very fun.  There are lots of interpretations of him out there with varying degrees of cartoony exaggerations and extreme stylization of his muscles and face.

Sagat took a bit of trial and error too, we tried a Tiger Knee pose, but ended up sticking with the Tiger projectile pose.

Vega went relatively smoothly.  We might end up removing the impact effect from his hand so that the claws are more emphasized and not hidden behind the effect.

Bison was started along with Akuma a while back.  He was much easier to finish once Ryu was completed as the style and quality bar.

These miniatures will be around similar size to Amiibos and will be pre-painted.  The kickstarter is coming in April 4th and I'll be working on the expansion characters too.  Looking forward to making more of these and to seeing how the campaign goes.  Wish us luck! :)


Dragon Ball WIP Figures

General / 04 mars 2018

Started working last year on and off on the DBZ miniatures game that Jasco Games and Angry Joe are making.  These are some of the minis that are in progress for that project.

I've been having a lot of fun with this project, it's been both fun and challenging since this is an art style that took a bit of getting used to and I'm still not as comfortable with it as I'd like.  The works of Japanese sculptors that have been doing toys and statues of these characters have been very helpful for this.

The figures will be similar to Amiibo size and will come pre-painted.  Some of these characters are getting two figures, one in a more friendly or non-combat pose and one will be an FX version with engergy blasts that will be done with transparent plastics.

Goku is pretty much done.  He's sort of the quality bar for where I'm trying to get everyone up to:

This is his FX version, almost done but not fully complete yet:

Piccolo has taken a bit of back and forth, but this is where he's at now, this version will still get some energy bolts coming out of his forehead:

His non FX version with the cape:


Krillin FX:


Goten FX:

Trunks FX:

Future Trunks:


Vegeta FX, partly based on a statue of him at client request:



Raditz FX:


Goku, Nappa, and Raditz are the more finished ones, everyone else is still in need of a polishing pass and some fixes.  What do you think so far?  got any feedback or suggestions on getting these to the finish line?